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Bake Shop

Bake Shop is a complete retail program including 12 colors of open stock clay, a variety pack and two corrugated display unit options.

Bake Shop - Beige
BA1804 Beige
Bake Shop - Black
BA1835 Black
Bake Shop - Blue
BA1826 Blue
Bake Shop - Brown
BA1832 Brown
Bake Shop - Green
BA1822 Green
Bake Shop - Hot Pink
BA1818 Hot Pink
Bake Shop - Orange
BA1814 Orange
Bake Shop - Purple
BA1830 Purple
Bake Shop - Red
BA1810 Red
Bake Shop - Tan
BA1840 Tan
Bake Shop - Yellow
BA1816 Yellow
Bake Shop - White
BA1802 White

Bake Shop
Bakeshop CDU A
Includes: White, Black, Beige, Red, Yellow and Blue

Bake Shop
Bakeshop CDU B
Includes: Tan, Brown, Purple, Hot Pink, Green and Orange

Bake Shop
Variety Pack

Canadian Retailers: Please contact us for wholesale pricing and ordering information.

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