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Welcome to the KJP Crafts Canadian Sculpey web site. Here you'll find a complete description of Sculpey's entire 2017 product line.

Canadian artists and crafters... please shop at your favorite local art, craft and toy retailers. Most businesses will be pleased to do a special order for you if you see something here that they don't have in stock.

If you're in business yourself and would like dealer information, please contact us: kjpcrafts@bellnet.ca

Business hours are Monday to Friday 9-5, and Saturday 9-4 eastern time.

New for 2017

Sculpey Original now available in Gray

S01G - 1lb
S2G - 1.75lb
S375G - 3.75lb
S8G - 8lb
S24G - 24lb

Black, White and Clear Liquid Sculpey 2oz
ALSBK02 Black, 2 fl oz
ALSWE02 White, 2 fl oz
ALSCL02 Clear, 2 fl oz

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